CriCon Systems

Our services and solutions supports your organisation during the most critical times & situations creating a bridge and enabling you to efficiently cross the gab between the past and the future…

Business case background


We strongly believe that there is an international need for supporting modern organisations performing critical activities and operating critical infrastructure.

These organisations will all to some extent be impacted by events and incidents that may develop into crisis if not being brought under control fast and efficiently.

The current geopolitical situation with war in different parts of the world and development in terror, cyber attacks and natural disasters and much more creates a serious need for private and public organisations to focus on identification of relevant major incident and crisis scenarios followed by planning and development of action cards, crisis response and management and communication systems.


Establishing a well educated and trained crisis organisation enables the organisation to act swiftly and targeting the current incident or crisis with the needed resources in a timely manner based on plans developed when time was not critical.

CriCon's initial business idea is based on developing a Crisis Organisation Support System CROSS consisting of a number of modules located in the cloud that is enabling the customer to perform planning and crisis management efficiently no matter if the organisations own infrastructure is broken down and chaos is seen.

The customer select the needed modules based on the organisations need for activation of crisis organisation, managing the the crisis and reporting.

Cross modules


Backend system